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Mar 27, 2022

There's a quote that says - "Every minute you spend wishing you had someone else’s life is a minute spent wasting yours”

Comparison is something that we can receive from others and also something that we do to ourselves. Ps Harry looks at the story of Hagar and the Samaritan Woman at the well and how both of...

Mar 20, 2022

Story of Sarah and Hagar in the book of Genesis can appear like a complicated one, Sarah who had a promise from God yet had to wait so many years and Hagar an innocent servant who became entangled in the vision and promises of God to Abram and Sarai. Despite the very real hardships we see in this story, God saw Hagar...

Mar 13, 2022

The Gospel of Matthew tells us about the Canaanite Woman, she was a woman who was rejected, ignored, insulted and offended and yet she persisted to receive her miracle from Jesus. She entered the room with Jesus and the disciples just as she was, just being herself and walked away with a miracle and the words of...

Mar 6, 2022

Pastor Eugene shares a message with us that we all are important and each and everyone of us has a plan that God desires for us to live, so we must learn to fan into flame the gifts that God has placed within us.