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Feb 26, 2024

There is nothing in us or done by us, at any stage of our earthly development, because of which we are acceptable to God. We must always be accepted for Christ’s sake, or we cannot be accepted at all. Grace is not self effort, grace is not self improvement, grace is not self esteem in fact grace is not self anything,...

Feb 19, 2024

The Apostle John was not always known as an Apostle of love, he was flawed, he was brash and presumptuous, he wanted to call down fire from heaven. John developed a relationship with Jesus over his lifetime that saw him change from a firebrand to on fire for Jesus.

Feb 12, 2024

Jesus in His time on earth made many trips to a town called Bethany. During some of these visits Jesus showed us how to come into the presence of God through sitting at His feet to coming into the presence in humility and worship, in His presence there is fullness of joy and His blessing.

Feb 4, 2024

The Story of King Hezekiah and Sennacherib is one that highlights the incredible mercy and grace of God. Hezekiah had hit a low point in his faith, a testing like he had never experienced before, he even writes to Isaiah can you pray to the Lord your God. Despite this in 2 Kings 19:34 God declares that because of His...