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Aug 29, 2021

What do we allow to filter into our lives, are we more dependent on the streams of social media and others or do we allow the light of Jesus and the Holy Spirit to be that main source that feeds us?

In John's Gospel Chapter 1 we read about Nathaniel and his calling to follow Jesus. Nathaniel decided to open the iris of...

Aug 22, 2021

They say opposites attract and in Acts chapter 10 we have the passage about Peter and Cornelius, two men who were opposites in their upbringing, their culture and beliefs.

Ps Eugene shares that God is our common denominator and how two totally different people can be connected through a Godly encounter that changed both...

Aug 15, 2021

Ps Harry shares with us the continued Vision for Momentum Church and where we are headed for the rest of this year into the next.

Aug 8, 2021

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen" - Hebrews 11:1

What is faith and how do we use it? Faith is not a leap into the unknown, it is not being gullible or wishful thinking. Faith can be confusing even be misinterpreted but faith is always given from God and based on His Word.

Aug 1, 2021

What do the tent, poles, chords and stakes mean in our life and how do we enlarge the capacity of Jesus working through us?

Ps Harry shares with us from the book of Isaiah 54 and the word to sing, enlarge, stretch, lengthen and strengthen God in you.